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Private lesson: $55 for 1 hour

Groups: $45 per person for 1 hour

Great for beginners, if you have never paddle boarded before we will get you standing and paddling with confidence.  Lessons are situated at picturesque Flaxmill Bay or Purangi River. 


All instructors are certified by Surfing NZ and dedicated to the highest level of safety.


Ferry Service

$5 per person, $8 return

The Purangi River Crossing runs daily

10am - 6pm

Cross the Purangi river by row boat to Stella Evered Memorial Park.  Relax and enjoy the park.  Take a walk to the viewing platform to see where Captain Cook moored the Endeavor.  For those wishing for greater adventure follow the new track to Cathedral Cove and Te Whanganui - A - Hei Marine Reserve.

Ferry Service


Paddle board and Kayak rentals are available.  If you are interested in hiring boards for a half or full day contact Shanan (ph 022 315 4829) for further information.  


1 hour       2 hour

Paddle Board   

Single Kayak    

Double Kayak   

$30     $40
$30     $45
$40     $55

paddle boarding lessons at Flaxmill Bay, Whitianga and Cooks Beach


Tours require a minimum of 2 people and will take between 1.5 to 2 hours depending on customers fitness and conditions.


Sea cave at Cooks Beach
Lonely Bay Tour
8am - 10am
$65 per person for 1.5 - 2 hours

Tours operate from the picturesque Flaxmill Bay, and follows the coast around Shakespear's Cliff, to Lonely Bay, then to the sea cave at Cooks Beach and finishes at Purangi River.  Drinks are provided during the tour.

Purangi River Tour

$75 per person for 1.5 to 2.5 hrs

Starting at the Purangi Reserve in Cooks Beach you will paddle up the Purangi River, stopping at the Hive Purangi Restaurant to relax under the kiwi fruit vines with a complementary New Zealand beer, wine, or cider.


This tour is tide dependent.

Stingray Tour

$45 per person  - operated 8am - 10am around low tide

Follow the Purangi river out to sea spotting stingrays as they swim through the water as you paddle. 


Find Us

We are in Flaxmill Bay, and the Purangi Reserve in Cooks Beach.

Free pick up from Ferry Landing can be arranged when confirming your booking with Shanan.


Find Us
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